I disappear


August 2010.

“You’re disappearing on us.”

That’s what the woman at the big and tall clothing store said to me as I paid for my purchases. This was roughly six weeks ago. As a result of my fat loss, none of my old dress clothes fit, so I needed something new to wear to my brother’s wedding.

For the past few years, the big and tall store has been one of the only places I can find clothes my size, and I guess I’m in there frequently enough that they recognize me when I come in.

“Yeah, I’ve lost 70 pounds,” I told the woman, thinking to myself, “Ultimately, my goal is to not have to shop here.”

Interesting that she used the word “disappearing,” because sometimes I don’t like to call it “losing weight.” Sometimes I like to pretend I’m a magician doing the world’s slowest disappearing act. It feels more intriguing that way.

A few pounds here, a few pounds there–I don’t plan on disappearing completely, but I hope at least a third of me will.

Really though, there’s nothing magical about what I’m doing. There’s no sleight of hand or hocus pocus involved.

For years I looked for some magic trick that would lead to fat loss, as if I could get your attention, ask you “Are you watching closely?” then maybe say a magic word or two and suddenly lose 100 pounds in mere seconds, right before your eyes.

But fat loss, or achieving any fitness goal, can only happen when you make the decision to change.


April 2013.

It can only happen when you formulate a plan, work hard, are disciplined and develop the ability to learn from, and forgive yourself for, the mistakes you make along the way, as well as the mistakes you made in the past before you decided to change.

This blog is about fat loss.

More broadly, this blog is about physical and mental health, fitness, planning, hard work and discipline.

It’s about me making mistakes and learning from them (but not always right away), forgiving myself, and a whole lot more.

Are you watching closely?

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8 Responses to I disappear

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  2. Barbara Gasser Bohm says:

    This is awesome Aaron, you are raising the bar again! Trust me “Ich werde Dich wie ein Habicht beobachten”.

  3. Joleen says:

    Well done Aaron!!!!! You are a real inspiration!!!!

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