Aaron on the airwaves

This past November, I wrote about a radio interview I did. That interview aired yesterday morning and you can stream or download it by clicking here.

The interview portion with me happens specifically from 1:46 to 11:06. It’s worth listening to if only to hear me bring up the Golden Rule and then, a split-second later, completely forget what the Golden Rule is.

Very smooth.

So yeah, Aaron on the radio. I’m like Jian Ghomeshi, except Mennonite and more handsome. (Girl, you know it’s true.)

Anyone interested in reading about the one-month prayer experiment I mention during the interview can do so by clicking here. There’s a super-serious picture of me sans beard with the article.

2014 Aaron to 2013 Aaron: Why so serious, bro?!?

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One Response to Aaron on the airwaves

  1. Barbara Gasser Bohm says:

    You’re awesome, Aaron, all the best with your adventures!

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