Nov. 2011 : Aug. 2013

November 2011 / August 2013.

I’m Aaron, a 29-year-old writer living in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I started this blog on June 3, 2013 to motivate myself as I continue to get healthier.

My health and fitness journey began in mid-November 2011, when I began eating less and moving more. As of Aug. 4, 2013, I have lost 101 pounds.

I’ve also competed in a cyclocross bike race, run a 5 km. adventure race, went mountain biking for a weekend, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and basically have just become really interested in movement. I have more energy throughout the day and have reached a new level of confidence and power in my life.

If this is your first time visiting my blog, I suggest reading “I disappear” and “101 pounds” to start. Both of those posts will give you a good idea about what this blog is all about.

I am not a medical doctor, personal trainer, nutritionist or health expert, so please keep that in mind when reading the blog.

I call this blog “Aaron at Large” to reference my size (“of greater than average; big”), but also because the idiom “at large” can mean “not in confinement or captivity; at liberty.”

This blog is about liberation from unhealthy ways of thinking and living, so I think the title fits.


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